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What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing is basically the method of gaining more traffic to your website through various online marketing efforts. The mechanism of marketing has gradually evolved and always tried to create and maintain a connection with the viewers through each and every possible medium and path. In the era of digitalization, marketing in the online medium has been ranked as the top most medium amidst all.

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Why it is necessary?

It’s necessary you understand the benefits of digital marketing for businesses, which include:
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Why it is necessary for all?

Being the fastest and versatile one, digital marketing is gaining more access to its customers compared to other forms. It also includes other varied benefits, i.e.:
1. It is more cost-effective in comparison to the conventional forms of marketing.
2. The success of business is directly linked to your online presence, which is therefore dependable on the content as well as medium of marketing.
3. Nearly 50% of the world population is using mobile gadgets to browse the Internet, and thus, is the best medium to reach out to them.
4. Digital media is the most effective channel to invest less and gain high ROI. The more is your reach to audience, the more is your ROI.
5. Unlike the conventional forms of marketing, digital medium can help you in keeping a track on the customer’s behavior and actions by using the Analytics. It would eventually assist you in providing better and effective service to your customers.
6. Happy clients will attract more customers, and thus, would lead to a vast client base.
7. Digital marketing will provide you the opportunity to have a direct contact with your customers that would help you in building good rapport with them in the terms of trust and fidelity.
8. Social media is the best form of digital marketing that brings more likes and customer connections by communicating about the product as well as market news and blog posts, etc.
9. Digital marketing is the apt means to outrun your competitors by keeping your website updated with all forms of information that is understandable by the audience.

How it works?

Digital Marketing utilizes varied strategies to increase the product or service related knowledge of consumers. As the main aim of this modern form of marketing is to provide the detailed information about products to make her/him feel the urge to avail it, this medium functions in the below mentioned ways:
1. It firstly understands the needs and mode of client's requirements. Hence, it maintains a close proximity with the customers at each and every moment.
2. It creates framework & develops content for the marketing purpose of the business.
3. It monitors the traffic acquisition, formulates plans to increase the client views, followed by the conversion rates.
4. Design strategies for proper utilization of Search Engine Optimization tactics.
5. Digital marketing aims to provide better prospects to you business after the client conversions.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

When you type your queries in your any search engine and press ENTER, you will see a list of web pages with the keywords of your query. As a normal practice, internet users visit the websites ranked at the top considering them to more relevant to their query. Managing the web pages in the search engine results page (SERP) is performed by this web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is all about the strategies and techniques to increase both the quantity and quality of the traffic of your website. In simple words , it is a set of regulations followed by a website in its optimization to achieve the highest ranking position in the search engines.

Why it is necessary?

In the present day market scenario, SEO is very essential to make a stand and be visible in the world of digitalization. Some of its other essentialities are:
1. Users mostly visit the first five web links on the SERP; therefore SEO helps you in acquiring a position in the top rank list.
2. SEO improvises the user experience and website navigation.
3. SEO enables the website to gain the trust of the user after being enlisted in the top ranking websites in SERP.
4. Promotion of your webpage is more successful when SEO is implemented. Users indirectly become your promoting partner and share your webpage on finding you easily on the social media sites.
5. It helps in the smooth functioning of the website by managing its meta-tags and focus keywords.

How it works?

Search engines have two major purpose, i.e., to build an index and provide a top ranked list to the internet surfers of their desired category. The SEO functionality therefore includes,
1. Understanding the basic elements of SEO starting from the main page or home page to the inner pages of each service provided by the organization.
2. Build links with different sites to indirectly gain a visit and increase the traffic as well as ranking in the SERP.
3. Developing relevant content, such as blogs, e-news, and infographics, etc. to benefit both the website itself and the visitors searching for the desired information.
4. Developing and monitoring the online promotional campaigns using tools like Google Analytics and Authority Labs, etc.

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